Sandy Twp. Public Works Dept. Announces Leaf Pick-up Schedule

DUBOIS – The Sandy Township Public Works Department will start leaf pick-up Monday, Oct. 29. Upon completion of the initial pick-up area, the department will immediately move on to the next pick up area without further notice. 

Residents are reminded that leaves must be raked to the curb, not into the street.  Residents must have their area raked and ready.  Leaves will be picked up at each location one time only.  No grass clippings or tree branches with the leaves will be accepted.

The following is a tentative schedule of pick-up, weather permitting: 

Clear Run and Adrian area:

Clear Run, Hetrick, Greenwood, Cemetery, Lundgren, Sierzega and Larkeytown roads; Mowery Lane; Hill Street; Reed, Quarry, Guy, West Long, Euclid, McLane and Jefferson avenues; and Central Christian Drive.

West Sandy Area:

Wilson, Wasson, Reynolds, Dixon, Murtland, Carson, Northwood, Denton, Forrest, Smithfield, Grand, Breezewood, Sunnycrest, Blakely, Alida, Wigwam, Wren and Gardener avenues; Loeb area; Thunderbird, Maloney and Wayne roads; Hand, South Main, Broad, Arminta, Brown and Don streets; Lincoln, Cardinal and Blue Jay drives; Kiwanis Park; and Kiwanis Trail.

Oklahoma Area:

South Ninth, South 8th, 11th, 12th, North 13th and 14th streets; Eastern, Cedarwood, Chestnut and Walnut avenues; Piney and Ollie’s Lane; Sylvan Heights area; Oklahoma Salem and Oklahoma Cemetery roads; and Sunset and Sloppingview drives.

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