Attorney General Issues Statement regarding Sandusky Sentencing

Attorney General Linda L. Kelly (Provided photo)

HARRISBURG – Attorney General Linda Kelly today issued the following statement regarding the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky:

“Today, justice was served.  I am pleased with the outcome of this case and satisfied with the appropriate sentence that the judge has imposed. It reflects the seriousness of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes, the irreparable harm he has caused to so many and the need to remove him from society for the rest of his life. We can be certain that Jerry Sandusky will not be hurting any more children.

“I want to offer my sincere thanks once again to all of the young men, the victims in this case, who bravely came forward during this trial to testify. With great courage, they candidly and sometimes chillingly told the jury what they had endured. It was they who took the lead to finally put a stop to the unspeakable crimes that this defendant had committed for decades. We hope that the outcome of this case not only allows them to heal, but to truly begin the process of recovering and rebuilding their lives.

“I want to acknowledge the people here at the Office of Attorney General and the Pennsylvania State Police – investigators, prosecutors and state troopers – for the extraordinary work they have done, the professionalism they have displayed, the compassion they have shown to the victims and for their unwavering commitment to the pursuit of justice.

“Some have said this case took too long. In saying this, they criticize the prosecutors and investigators and the former Attorney General and now Governor of the Commonwealth. This criticism is baseless.

“Although the Sandusky investigation was largely completed by the time I became involved as Attorney General, it was apparent to me that the use of the grand jury was an appropriate means of investigating the matter, that considerable time and effort had been expended to move the investigation to the point where it was ready to be charged, and that all of the dedicated professionals involved wanted only a just outcome in the case. There was no other agenda.

“Because of their work on this case, Jerry Sandusky has been held responsible for his crimes, so it is well past the time to set these criticisms and spurious claims aside and to focus instead on the lessons that can be learned from this case.

“While it is true that Jerry Sandusky will not be hurting any more children, there will be others to take his place. That is why we must redouble our efforts to stop predators and protect victims. That is the lesson we must take away from the Sandusky case, if we want some good to come of it. Whoever you are, whatever your station in life – please have the courage and the decency to do the right thing if you suspect that a child is being abused.”

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