Turzai Comments on Commonwealth Court’s Voter ID Law Decision

HARRISBURG – The following is a statement from House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny County, in response to the Commonwealth Court decision on the voter identification law.

“[The] decision by the Commonwealth Court upholds Act 18, and voter identification, and that is good,” said Turzai.

“Voter Identification is about ensuring the integrity of our elections and preserving the principle of the ‘One person, One vote’ doctrine.

“When votes are diluted through fraud, the system starts to break down. Voter identification has always been about creating a level playing field where every Pennsylvanian’s vote represents an equal opportunity to have a voice in government.

“The fact is, the election integrity provisions that have passed the House have been to preserve the right of every citizen who is entitled to vote to be able to vote, and every citizen who votes should be sure that his or her vote has not been diluted by somebody else’s fraud.”

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