Sandy Supers Review Budget Figures

DUBOIS – Sandy Township’s budget figures were announced at Monday night’s meeting by Township Manager Dick Castonguay. The board of supervisors will release its full budget at its next meeting.

  • Liquid Fuel Fund: $952,146
    • Mountain Raid: $1,100,500
    • General Fund: $3,780,300
    • Municipal Authority: $2,441,500

The municipal authority includes $1,769,000 for the sewer fund. There will not be any tax increase this year, but the sewer rate will increase to $0.50 per 1,000 gallons as DuBois City had increased its rates. Sandy Township relies on the city for its sewage processing.

The supervisors are required to have the budget available for public viewing for 20 workdays before it can be approved.

The supervisors also voted to make two vehicle purchases and sales as listed by Castonguay. The most expensive purchase is $99,107 for an 85D excavator. This will be partially offset by selling the backhoe, which the excavator will replace, to Bell Township for $23,000. The township will purchase a 2012 Dodge Charger for $23,929 to replace the township’s oldest cruiser.

The township approved two lot consolidations and Resolution 2012-19, the traffic signal maintenance agreement, that is pertaining to the U.S. Route 322 and state Route 119 traffic light.

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