DuBois City to Aid with Cemetery Improvements

DUBOIS – The DuBois City Council approved making a one-time contribution of $3,300 worth of bituminous patching toward paving a section of the Rumbarger Cemetery Driveway at Monday night’s meeting.

The council debated whether or not to contribute to the improvement and beautification of the cemetery. This specific stretch would be 40 feet in length and 18 feet in width.

City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio said that Rumbarger Cemetery’s remaining 150 feet might be covered by an unnamed donator.

Council member Diane Bernardo raised questions concerning the proposal to aid in the paving. These included the time frame and where these funds would come from.

Suplizio explained bituminous and concrete prices of $7,500 were likely only good for the year, and paving season would end in October. He said it couldn’t come from the liquid fuels fund, but council members muttered from the general fund.

After prompting from council member Edward Walsh, City Solicitor Toni Cherry expressed concern over making improvements to a private property’s driveway, as well as the potential implications that may arise from it. Suplizio said the city had already spent time improving the cemetery by having summer workers providing lawn care.

The final motion stated the city would aid the paving as an anti-blight measure, and it would be a one-time contribution. It was approved unanimously by council.

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