PA Seniors to be Assisted with Voting in November

BROCKWAY – Guardian Home & Community Services has announced it is joining with the Pennsylvania Homecare Association to participate in Bring the Vote Home, a nationwide citizenship project to help senior, disabled and homebound Pennsylvanians who have difficulty travelling to polling places cast their votes during the 2012 election cycle. 

“We are proud to be participating in Bring the Vote Home on behalf of our homebound patients. I think many of us assume that everyone can easily get to the polls or figure out what is required to register. That’s not always the case. With the new state law on Voter ID and the importance of the election itself, we felt it was important for us to participate and encourage our patients and staff,” said Community Liaison Julie Stewart.  

Cathy Grove, executive director of Guardian Home & Community Services added, “Not only are our patients unable to get out to vote, but their caregivers may have difficulty as well trying to find relief of their commitment to the patient to leave the home.”

Guardian Home & Community Services will be conducting a voter drive among its staff, patients and consumers. Caregivers will assist their patients and their families in registering to vote or in applying for absentee ballots.  Some important dates to remember are Oct. 9t, deadline for registering to vote; Oct. 30, absentee ballot registration submitted; Nov. 2, absentee ballot returned; and Election Day on Nov. 6. 

If anyone needs forms or further assistance they can call the Guardian office at 814-265-2197 or their county voting office.  Clearfield County Elections office can be contacted at 814-765-2642 and Jefferson County Elections office at 814-849-1605.

Pennsylvania’s homecare community cares for millions of senior, disabled and chronically ill patients each year, including more than 2.2 million Medicare beneficiaries who receive clinically advanced, cost-effective care services in their own homes.  Guardian Home & Community Services alone has provided care to more than 450 patients. Many healthcare treatments that were once only offered in a hospital or a physician’s office can now be safely, effectively, and efficiently provided in people’s homes by skilled clinicians. Home healthcare is less expensive, more convenient and as effective as care provided in institutional settings.

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