Gant “Expert” Challenge – Week 1

9/7-9/11 games Dave Glass Jay Siegel Rusty McCracken Dustin Parks Chris Morelli
Clearfield-Penns Valley Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield
Cameron County-Curwensville Curwensville Curwensville Curwensville Curwensville Curwensville
Bald Eagle-PO Bald Eagle Bald Eagle P-O Bald Eagle Bald Eagle
West Branch – Claysburg-Kimmel Claysburg WB Claysburg WB Claysburg
PSU-Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia PSU Virginia
Pitt-Cincinnati Cincy Cincy Pitt Cincy Cincy
Nebraska-UCLA Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
Georgia-Missouri Missouri Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia
Steelers-Broncos Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Broncos
Eagles-Browns Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
Bengals-Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens
49ers-Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers


 The Last Word

Chris:  Clearfield will have an easy time with Penns Valley, a program in decline. As for the Nittany Lions, no game is going to be easy this season. They lack a true leader on defense. The fact that Ohio gouged them for three long touchdown drives in the second half is not a good sign.

Dustin: I’ve been looking forward to the Steelers-Broncos game ever since the schedule was released knowing Peyton is back on the field. I have long said that he is the best quarterback in the NFL today, despite the ESPN countdown that was done in the off-season (they put him in the top-five, but it was Aaron Rodgers as their No. 1). The Steelers are still stinging from the first-play, overtime loss in the playoffs last year, but it will be more challenging this time considering it is No. 18 under center versus Tebow (who by the way I agree with is the lowest-ranked QB in the league). Aside from the opening game between the Giants and Cowboys, it will be the best game of the week, bar none.

Dave: Curwensville needs to avoid a letdown after an emotional win on the road – but I think they get the job done in their home opener. Penn State is not good, but Pitt is worse – losing at home to a 1-AA team?? Terrible. I’m down on the Bengals AND Ravens this season – we will learn a lot more about both squads this Sunday. With apologies to Dustin, I believe Niners-Packers is the best game of the week – can Alex Smith continue to manage the ball well? Can the Packers stop anyone this year?

Jay: Even though I still bleed blue and white, I just can’t pick a 10-point dog on the road – not after watching last week’s second half, thus Virginia is my pick. I look for the black and gold to gain some measure of revenge against the Broncos, but wouldn’t be surprised if Manning pulls this one out – I mean Tebow did, why not Manning? Could be the NFC championship game preview in GB this weekend – I’ll take the home team.

Rusty:  How far behind can I really get in the first week of picking – right. Maybe we should choose volleyball instead, I see more of those teams. Ok, enough crying. The local teams should fare well this week for the most part….PSU is going to have to prove they can play a whole game before I find confidence in them again…Peyton Manning has never been a solid player in the NFL outdoors, and after a year off, I think the only problem for the Steelers will be the altitude.


Morelli OnLion: New era begins with a thud
Clearfield Bison (1-0) at Penns Valley Rams (0-1)

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