Police Probing Home Invasion, Assault

CLEARFIELD – The investigation is continuing after an alleged home invasion that involved three men and a woman in Kerr Addition, the Lawrence Township Police Department reported today.

A man who was wearing a mask went to the front door of a residence. Another man who was wearing a bandana pushed in an air conditioner, breaking a back window and gaining entry to the residence.

The man who was wearing a bandana was confronted by residents. He allegedly ran through the residence and out the front door.

No items were stolen during the burglary; evidence was gathered at the scene.

In addition, police are investigating an assault that occurred Saturday night into Sunday morning on Mapes Avenue, where a Curwensville man was assaulted by unknown suspects. The man allegedly suffered a broken nose, a ruptured ear drum and a concussion.

Police said this attack may be related to the home invasion burglary that happened about one block away on River Road at approximately the same time.

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