Programs Announced for Sept. 7-9 at Parker Dam

The following programs have been scheduled for Sept. 7-9 at the Parker Dam State Park.

Friday, Sept. 7

Laurel Run and CCC Trails 

6 p.m.- CCC Museum

Hike on the Laurel Run Trail and then loop back into the park on the newly re-opened CCC Trail.  You will learn a little about the park’s history and get the opportunity to see some of its natural beauty.  Please wear appropriate footwear.  Moderate walking distance and we may encounter a wet spot or 2 on the Laurel Run Trail.

Saturday, Sept. 8

Beaver Walk

6:30 p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom

No other animal, besides humans, changes its environment more than beavers. They were once trapped solely for their prized fur- to the point that they were gone from the Keystone State.  They are here again, and you can come along and learn more about beavers, how they live, and see the evidence of these creatures presence in the park.

Silence and Solitude

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

What is it about nature that intrigues so many?  Many people’s love for the wilderness has sent them into the forest to rekindle their relationship with it.  Come watch video depicting one man’s adventure in the North, as he uses historic unpowered tools and personal drive to create his own solitude in one of the few wild areas left today. 

Sunday, Sept. 9

Tea and Talk– Local History

6 p.m.- Beach House steps

Sweet fern makes an excellent hot tea.  Learn how to identify it and make the tea.  Then, try some sweet fern tea for yourself and while enjoying, talk about the interesting local history.  Timber, coal, coke, and gas are all industries which have had an impact to this area and its natural resources.

*You can keep up on what’s happening at the park by following “Parker Dam State Park” on Facebook; and, you can find more information about state park programs and special events by logging on to the Bureau of State Parks website at , and clicking on “Events Calendar.”

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