Morrisdale Man Pleads Guilty in Assault Cases

CLEARFIELD – A Morrisdale man who allegedly struck another man with a baseball bat pleaded guilty during sentencing court.

Michael Lee Bloom Sr., 41, of 665 Church St., Morrisdale, an inmate of the Clearfield County Jail, pleaded guilty to simple assault and three counts of recklessly endangering another person. He was sentenced to three months to two years in state prison.

In a second case, he pleaded guilty to simple assault and harassment. For this he was given an additional three months to one year in prison. He was fined $40 plus court costs.

According to the affidavit of probable cause in the first case, on Oct. 23, officers were called to an assault in Morris Township. The victim whose knee was swelling and red told police that he and some friends were at a residence on Church Street. One of the people was renting a room from Bloom’s son.

Bloom then came into the residence with a bat yelling at her and her friends to get out of his house. As they were leaving, Bloom told them to not come back. Someone stated “we won’t come back” and the victim stated “I know.” Bloom then came running over, accused him of talking back and hit him in the knee with the bat. Bloom then threatened to hit the other person with the bat.

The second assault occurred July 15 at Bloom’s residence. The victim told police that after she and Bloom returned to his home, he called her a name and forcefully held her down. This caused bruising on the underside of her arms. He also kicked her in the right leg when she tried to get up causing severe bruising to the victim’s leg.

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