Clearfield Borough Discusses Summer Police Uniforms

CLEARFIELD – Summer police uniforms were discussed by the Public Safety committee at Thursday night’s Clearfield Borough Council work session.

Police Chief Vincent McGinnis approached the committee about having a summer uniform, which would consist of shorts and a short-sleeved polo shirt. Police officers would then have the option for summer and winter uniforms.

Police uniforms would be purchased with the department’s $400 per year clothing allowance.

“The shorts are a safety issue. I would not be in favor of that,” said Fred Wisor, vice chairman of the Public Safety committee. “If you’re chasing somebody and they’re going through the brush, you’re going through the brush, too.”

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott also said that it is a safety concern for police offers to expose bare legs.

The motion was passed to approach council with the police uniform change next Thursday. Additionally, a motion was made, that if approved next week, to give McGinnis discretion over the police officers wearing shorts as part of the summer uniform. This motion passed with just one opposition by Wisor.

McGinnis proposed an amendment to the Standard Operating Policy (SOP). He also proposed for approval of re-certification of Taser class for himself and another officer at $350 for both. Both of these motions passed and will go before council next week.

McGinnis also would like to amend the police contract from a 12-mile residency requirement to 30 miles. He explained many officers are outside those 12 miles, and several of them would benefit from the amendment.

Making this mileage change would affect five officers, McGinnis said. Stott recommended that this topic go into a brief executive session, as she was unsure why this was coming up at this point in time.

The Clearfield Borough Police Department has two H&K G36, .223-caliber rifles. McGinnis is requesting permission to obtain a quote from Grice Gun Shop before a sale is made. McGinnis was given permission to secure a price on the possibility of selling these rifles.

The committee also received a request about closing East Pine Street from Third Street to the alley alongside the St. John Lutheran Church for a block party from 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. Sept. 9. As long as the church notifies their neighbors, the council was OK with the street closure.

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