Police Report: Clearfield Borough

  • Police arrested an intoxicated man at the fair. He was charged with public drunkenness and placed in the Clearfield County Jail.
  • After responding to perpetrators allegedly destroying property at the old CVS Pharmacy, a man was arrested. Police found him in possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • Suspicious people who were going through yards were reported in the East End area.  The area was checked and police didn’t make any contact with the individuals.
  • Known persons were to be outside of a residence and possibly selling drugs. Police checked the area and could not locate them.
  • Police pulled over a vehicle and three occupants will be charged for possessing open containers of alcohol.
  • Police responded to Reed Street for after a vehicle was allegedly damaged. Someone slashed three tires on a vehicle while it was parked there.
  • A parking complaint was handled along Reed Street.
  • Police located the owner of a cell phone that was turned into them.  The owner responded to the station and picked up the phone.
  • A decorative item was removed from a residence along Park Avenue.  It was removed from the back porch area.
  • Police arrested a male for DUI after he was stopped for a traffic violation along Park Avenue.
  • Police detained a male who was had an active warrant through the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Office.  Police also discovered drug paraphernalia and brass knuckles on him.
  • A vehicle was stopped along South Second Street for a traffic violation.  One occupant was wanted on four active warrants and was transported to the CCJ.  Others will face charges of possession of narcotics that were located within the vehicle.
  • Police arrested a man after an altercation along Daisy Street at which time he allegedly punched out a window of a vehicle.
  • Police assisted the fire department with a possible fire along New Street.  The fire department arrived and handled the incident.
  • Police located suspicious persons in the East End area.
  • Police were called to Sheetz following a call about a man who was being disruptive and would not leave the store.  After police arrival, the man left the store.
  • Police were called to the East End area for a domestic dispute and handled the incident on scene.
  • Police were called to a Second Street address for a noise complaint.
Police Report: DuBois City
No Injuries Reported in Philipsburg Accident

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