Programs Announced at Parker Dam for Aug. 17-19

The following programs have been announced for the Parker Dam State Park for Aug. 17-19.

Friday, Aug. 17

Wild Medicinals

6  p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom

They’re everywhere. Plants that can be used to treat a variety of ailments. Some don’t get used as often as they once were by the Native Americans and early settlers, but others are still found as ingredients in some of our over-the-counter medicines. Learn more of the folklore, and about which plants can be used and how.

The History of the S’more

8:30 p.m.- Campground Amphitheater

Graham Crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate didn’t just fall out of the cupboard and get put together. Learn about each of these tasty ingredients, where they come from, and how when we put them together we get one of our favorite outdoor treats. There will be ingredients available to make your own s’more.

Saturday, Aug. 18

Natural Cleaners

3:30 p.m.- Environmental Education Classroom

Why go natural and avoid commercial cleaners? Learn more about what is toxic and harmful in our store bought cleaners. Then discover how to make your own natural cleaners to use at home. You may be surprised at how well they work for you.

A Murder of Crows

8:30 p.m.- Campground Amphitheater

They don’t always have the best of reputations, but crows are among the most intelligent animals in the world. They’ve shown ability to use tools and recognize faces. Crow scientists sing their praises and you will see captivating footage of crows as you may never have seen them before.

Sunday, Aug. 19

Kayak Basics

1 p.m.- behind Beach House

Learn what type of kayak you would be comfortable in, how to prepare for a day on the water, and most important– how to get in, out and get around with it. Limited number of kayaks available– although not necessary, you can reserve one at the park office. *There is a $3.00 fee.

Parachute Games

2 p.m.- Beach House steps

Join us in some fun parachute games as we learn about our natural resources. Just bring along a fun attitude– and some sneakers.

Tea and Talk– Songbirds

6 p.m.- Beach House steps

Sweet fern makes an excellent hot tea. Learn how to identify it and make the tea. Then, try some sweet fern tea for yourself and while enjoying, talk about the many birds and birding opportunities that are available in your backyard and beyond.

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