WJAC-TV: ATA Transit Center, Garage Opens in Elk Co.

ST.MARYS – After several years of planning and obtaining funding, a new ATA facility has opened in St. Marys.

David Gordon, chairman of the ATA board, said that the concept began before he joined the ATA seven or eight years ago.

On Wednesday morning, dozens of residents, local officials and even representatives from the governor’s and senators’ offices attended a ribbon cutting for the facility.

ATA officials told WJAC-TV that it cost $1.2 million to build the transit center portion of the facility.
Dan Freeburg, Elk County commissioner, said he’s thrilled to see the facility up and running. The new facility will serve as a hub for area residents to travel on the bus.

Gordon said that there is a lack of public transportation in rural areas compared to urban areas, and those are the areas that need it most.

Inside of the transit center, residents will find state-of-theart technology that tells people when buses will arrive. It will also allow people a place to wait inside for buses when it is a wet day.

Gordon said that this facility is the first of its kind within the six counties the ATA operates. He said that the facility in Punxsutawney is expected to open within two months.

His goal is to have a facility in all six counties in which they currently provide services.

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