WJAC-TV: Neighbors Start Block Parent Program in Reynoldsville

REYNOLDSVILLE – A Jefferson County community group has started a block parent program. John Scolese, a program member, told WJAC-TV that they’re hoping more residents will join them.

In Reynoldsville, there are only two to three police officers who are patrolling the community.

Scolese said he and others have noticed that officers can’t always respond when problems arise. He said over the past few months, they have noticed youth nationally have been placed in dangerous situations.

He believes the block parent program will ensure the community is safe.  Because of the Reynoldsville Borough Council, he said signs were purchased for the program, and these can be placed inside residential windows that are participating in the program.

Scolese said in order to become a block parent home, residents must apply through the police department. He said every candidate must complete a background check.

In addition, he said the program isn’t only for youth. In his mind, he wants the community to return to years ago when everyone knew their neighbors.

Scolese is hoping they can get at least one block parent home on every street in Reynoldsville. There are currently 20 residences participating.  Anyone interested in joining should contact the Reynoldsville Borough Police Department.

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