DuBois Man Declared Sexually Violent Predator

CLEARFIELD – A DuBois man charged with having child pornography was declared a sexually violent predator after a hearing Wednesday in Clearfield County Court.

Raymond Arthur Mikelonis Sr., DuBois, was on probation for indecent assault when the pornographic images were discovered. The charges required he have a Megan’s Law assessment hearing which was held before Judge Paul E. Cherry Wednesday. After hearing testimony, Cherry ruled Mikelonis is a sexually violent predator. He will have to register his address with law enforcement for the rest of his life.

Mikelonis also pleaded guilty and was sentenced Wednesday to nine months to seven years in state prison. This sentence will run consecutive to a three month to five year sentence he received for the probation violation in October.

According to a previously published Courier-Express article, during a state police visit on Sept. 1, an officer saw Mikelonis had a phone with picture capabilities, which is against the rules of his supervision. When the officer checked the phone, there was a picture of two small boys on the screen. Mikelonis’ residence was searched and three DVDs and CDs were found under his mattress, one of which contained child pornography.

In Nov. 2006, Mikelonis pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault for exposing himself to three young girls he was babysitting and touching their private areas. He was sentenced to seven months to four years in state prison and five years consecutive probation. At that time he was also classified as a sexually violent predator.


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