Clearfield YMCA Men’s Basketball Results – July 8, 2012


Siegel Engraving Co. 1-3


Gant Daily  2-1

59 T. Hyrn 7Pts 4Ast 15Rebs

D. Hyrn 3Pts 1Ast 1Reb

J. Campman 26Pts 1Ast 10Rebs

T. Campman 8Pts 3Ast 7Rebs

Walker 2Pts 2Ast 9Rebs

Sayers 11Pts 0Ast 5Rebs

Unch 2Pts 1Ast 5Rebs

73 Mike 0Pts 1Ast 1Reb

Amar 12Pts 3Ast 6Rebs

Ajay 8Pts 3Ast 4Rebs

Felix 24Pts 4Ast 9Rebs

Avery 15Pts 3Ast 4Rebs

Hillebrand 14Pts 2Ast 4Rebs


Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub 2-2


Dubois Ritzie 2-1

62 Brosky 8Pts 2Ast 8Rebs

Davis 10Pts 1Ast 7Rebs

Bookhamer 17Pts 2Ast 3Rebs

Schickling 2Pts 2Ast 6Rebs

Dotts 7Pts 5Ast 3Rebs

Gongewere 0Pts 3Ast 1Reb

Glunt 10Pts 3Ast 9Rebs

Carr 8Pts 0Ast 6Rebs

57 Anthony 2Pts 2Ast 6Rebs

Anderson 8Pts 2Ast 4Rebs

Brown 24Pts 3Ast 6Rebs

Alvarez 16Pts 4Ast 3Rebs

Mike 7Pts 1Ast 10Rebs













Legends Sports Bar 3-1

Muzz 9Pts 3Ast 10Rebs

A.J 5Pts 6Ast 9Rebs

Priester 13Pts 3Ast 9Rebs

Norris 10Pts 0Ast 9Rebs

Dale 17Pts 3Ast 3Rebs

Ernest 22Pts 4Ast 12Rebs




 The Phone Guys 3-1

Jordan 11Pts 9Ast 5Rebs

Chet 14Pts 6Ast 12Rebs

Deron 20Pts 2Ast 5Rebs

Bryan 18Pts 8Ast 7Rebs

Barth 16Pts 4Ast 6Rebs

Hoyt 16Pts 0Ast 10Rebs

Stu 23Pts 3Ast 5Rebs

Eric 0Pts 3Ast 3Rebs


























Blue Kow 2-2

C.Palmer 8Pts 4Ast 9Rebs

D. Dixon 10Pts 0Ast 7Rebs

C. Bartlett 2Pts 2Ast 3Rebs

K. Haag 12Pts 0Ast 6Rebs

G. Rauckhorst 4Pts 0Ast 6Rebs

S. Sopic 11Pts 3Ast 9Rebs

P. Michaels 11Pts 4Ast 5Rebs

A, Collins 7Pts 0Ast 5Rebs

J.Palmer 9Pts 3Ast 1Reb

 Action Graphics

John 10Pts 3Ast 13Rebs

Simon 4Pts 2Ast 8Rebs

Ice 10Pts 2Ast 7Rebs

Mike 8Pts 3Ast 5Rebs

Trey 12Pts 1Ast 8Rebs

Mason 15Pts 1Ast 3Rebs

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