Measuring and Managing your Health

By Scott Gilbert, Penn State

People are more interested than ever in understanding and managing their health. They want to live healthier lives, and are looking for tools that help them set goals and better manage their health.

Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center offers several helpful online tools to help with these efforts. Wellness Tools includes a suite of six interactive calculators and an interactive guide showing when to schedule exams. Calculators help to measure, evaluate and learn about common health concerns, and include body mass index (BMI), calorie burner, target heart rate, ideal body weight, nutritional needs and waist to hip ratio.

Exam Scheduling helps users understand when to schedule regular exams. By simply entering age and gender, you can receive a list of recommended exams with exam details and the recommended frequency.

The key to being and staying healthy is prevention. Using these quick and useful tools can be a big step in understanding important information that can help you identify and meet your health goals.

— Body Mass Index Calculator – Approximate how much body fat you have by simply entering your height and weight.

— Calorie Burner Counter Calculator – Estimate how many calories your favorite activity burns.

— Target Heart Rate Calculator – Know your target heart rate to help you get the most out of your exercise.

— Desirable Body Weight Calculator – Enter your age and type of body frame to estimate your healthy body weight.

— Nutritional Needs Calculator – Figure out how many calories you need to lose, maintain or gain weight.

— Waist to Hip Calculator – Determine your body shape and find out what that shape means.

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