George: Republican Budget Bad For Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Camille “Bud” George, D-74 of Clearfield County, said that the recently passed state budget appropriation bill falls short of helping Pennsylvanians and leaves important priorities underfunded.

“It doesn’t matter if the letter next to your name is a D or an R – we’re here to do what’s right for each and every Pennsylvanian,” George said. “This is my last budget, and I’m sad to see that once again, we’ve gotten a budget that fails to fund our most important programs responsibly.”

George stressed that the Legislature’s priorities must be education, social services, and jobs. It was clear, George said, that this budget falls short in every one of those aspects.

“The trademarks of the new budget, and the one we just endured, are per pupil cuts ranging from a high of almost $800 at West Branch Area to a low of $464 per pupil at DuBois Area,” George said. “These cuts – and the millions of dollars cut from the state Department of Environmental Protection – are dangerous, irresponsible and unsustainable.”

George said state government’s priorities have gone down the wrong path in recent years.

“The new budget and the last create winners and losers – and the losers are the commonwealth’s hardest working people and those who need help the most,” George said. “I’ve supported Republican budgets in my tenure when people from both sides came together. This is not one of those budgets.

“This budget is a bad deal for Pennsylvanians,” George said. “This is a bad deal for our seniors, our disabled citizens, our students, and for our environment. I wish that the last budget I vote on was something I could support. Sadly, this is not the case.”

Senate Bill 1466, the state budget appropriation bill, passed largely along party lines and awaits Governor Corbett’s signature.

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2 thoughts on “George: Republican Budget Bad For Pennsylvanians

  1. Ward11

    Republicans only have money for wars. Its only beginning for Pa–property taxes will skyrocket–jobs and wages cut. Republicans of today are not the republicans of our fathers day. Its changed they have the radical Tea Party who Eric Cantor leads as he is overly ambitious and looking to get Boehner’s job so he has to remain the leader of the “Party of No” an elder statesman who forgot his people.

    People have to get up, get up out of their stupor and vote. Stop listening to lies and propaganda against democrats who majority are tying to do what is right and we are all Americans in the same boat for what comes down affects us all no matter the party affiliation. Republicans need to step up and work for the people not against the people.

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