Kylertown Woman Sentenced for Stealing from Employer

Clearfield County Courthouse (GantDaily File Photo)

CLEARFIELD – A former store employee accused of stealing over $39,000 worth of merchandise pleaded guilty on Tuesday during plea and sentencing court in Clearfield County.

Robin Yvonne Naumann, 37, Kylertown, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft by unlawful taking. She was sentenced to 90 days to one year in jail and two years consecutive probation. She was fined $350 plus costs.

The charges stem from incidents at the Clearfield Wal-Mart Supercenter where Naumann had been employed.

Prior to sentencing Naumann addressed the court admitting what she did was wrong and saying she had failed in her responsibility to teach her children the difference between right and wrong. She explained court battles “destroyed” her financially and left her struggling.

“When you can’t pay your bills it is the worst feeling,” she said adding that it was also difficult to not be able to buy her children things they needed for school.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, an employee of the store was investigating Naumann who was suspected of shopping while on duty. Surveillance video from Feb. 16, 2011 showed Naumann selecting several video games, placing them in a bag and then taking the bag with her at the end of her shift. On another occasion she took four video games from the new release area. She stashed the games, then returned later to pick them up. Other videos showed her taking the magnets out of the games and waving them over a deactivation pad at a register. She then took the games to the door to determine whether they would set off the alarm or not. When they didn’t, she then put them in her work area and left with them at the end of her shift.

After Naumann was confronted about the theft, she admitted that she had taken about 15 games a week for over a year and estimated the total value at approximately $39,360. In addition to the games, she had also taken DVDs and clothing.

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