DuBois Man Claiming He Tied Daughter Up as a Joke Asks for Bail Reduction

CLEARFIELD-A DuBois man accused of tying up a four-year-old girl and sending photos of her to her grandmother was in Clearfield County Court Tuesday asking for his bail to be reduced.

Jeremy Allen May, 30, DuBois, is charged with unlawful restraint/serious bodily injury, unlawful restraint/involuntary servitude, endangering the welfare of children, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

The charges stem from an incident on Nov. 25, 2011 when May sent the alleged victim’s grandmother a photo of the girl with a towel on her face whose hands and feet were bound. The photo had a caption reading, “This is what happens when they don’t listen”.

In motion’s court on Tuesday, Douglas Campbell, attorney for May, told Judge Paul E. Cherry that May has been incarcerated for 210 days and under rule 600 deserves to have nominal bail. Currently his bail is $25,000, secured. Campbell also stated that he had a letter from the child’s grandmother which says she realizes this was just a bad joke and the situation could be the result of May only having a seventh grade education.

Cherry responded by asking if Campbell had seen the photos.

“That was no joke,” Cherry stated.

He also reminded Campbell that because May withdrew a guilty plea last month, the commonwealth has another 120 days to bring the case to trial and May does not have a right to nominal bail.

First Assistant District Attorney Beau Grove stated that when he spoke to the grandmother she was opposed to him being released.

Cherry then asked Grove to get in touch with the grandmother to found out why she had written the letter. He denied the motion for nominal bail.

During the preliminary hearing the child’s grandmother testified that after she received the photo on her cell phone from May she felt sick. May then sent a second photo with the girl still tied up but she was on a recliner. Again she had the towel over her face.

The grandmother testified that she told her husband right away and he went to the police. Children, Family and Youth Services were also contacted.

Cpl. Shawn McCleary of the DuBois City Police testified that when he interviewed the victim, she told him she was “very scared” and she asked May to stop because she couldn’t breathe. She also mentioned to McCleary that this had happened three previous times. When the officer interviewed May, May claimed it was a joke and said she was tied up no longer than a minute which was just long enough to take the photos.

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