Hummingbird Speedway Results – June 16, 2012

Press Release by Randy Albert

Winners at Hummingbird Speedway for Saturday night, June 16, 2012 include Chris Farrell in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models, Ed Connor in the Street Stock class, Colton Joiner winning the Pure Stock division, and in the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders the winner was Mike Lucas .

The BWP Bats Steel Block Late Model division was first up for the night of racing entertainment at Hummingbird Speedway.  Eric Moore from Frenchville and Bill Davis out of Luthersburg led 19 cars to the drop of the green flag.  Moore jumped to an early lead but was quickly pressured by Chris Farrell from Clearfield.  Farrell took the inside line on Moore and made the pass for the lead on the front stretch.  As Farrell held the lead Luke Hoffner from Turbotville was also using the low groove moving quickly into third passing Davis them just getting by Moore for second before a caution flag flew.  Dwayne Brooks from Falls Creek was also in hot pursuit making his way into fourth place.  With the stage set Hoffner wasted no effort in trying to track down Farrell.  Behind them Brooks and Moore were trying to occupy the same real estate on the track for third place and racing for fifth place was Davis and Dan Gill from Clearfield in a new Late Model ride.  He was having a good run in his first night out in a beautifully prepared machine.  Last week’s winner, Paul Kot from Brockway was just behind them dueling with Dan Smeal from Houtzdale.   Denny Fenton out of Clearfield was also on the move from deep in the field due to an earlier caution that relegated him to the back on the restart.  As the race wound down Farrell was too strong for the rest of the challengers.  For a moment it looked like Hoffner would take advantage of lapped traffic putting the car down close to the tires but Farrell found a rhythm working through the back markers and kept a respectable lead.  Brooks finally gained an advantage on Moore in the traffic and Fenton managed his way back into the top five but Farrell was the star of the show giving everyone more than they could handle or overcome.  At the finish it was Farrell, Hoffner, Brooks, Moore, and Fenton, all familiar names for a Hummingbird Late Model Saturday night.

Heat races were won by Denny Fenton, Chris Farrell, and Bill Davis.

The Street Stock drivers put 20 cars on the 1/3 mile clay oval for their feature event.  Ed Connor was flanked by Joe Kot, both drivers based out of DuBois.  Jamie Price from Clearfield and Brian Rhed from Brockport followed the DuBois duo to the green flag.  A long green made for some tight racing up front with Connor and Kot staying side by side as well as Price and Rhed racing for second and third place.  Behind them the racing real estate was being occupied by Brandon Connor and Colton Gearhart from DuBois.  With the exception of Price and Rhed the DuBois area was well represented at the front of the Street Stock feature race.  Early on Kot held a slight advantage on Ed Connor working the outside line but Connor powered back on the bottom not allowing Kot much of an advantage.  Gearhart made the pass low on Brandon Connor then did the same on Price moving into the forth position.  Up front it continued to be Kot, Ed Connor, and Rhed with Connor and Kot swapping the lead and Rhed trying to find an advantage from the third spot.  Gearhart moved into third place and was challenging for second as the race wound down but Kot’s machine was working on the cushion and he held onto the spot.  Ed Connor continued to hold the lead and went on to a well-deserved win.  He has been in the hunt and had the potential to win a number of times this year.  He was followed across the line by Kot, Gearhart, Rhed, and Price.

Heat race winners included; Jamie Price, Joe Kot, and Ed Connor.

Josh Fields from Brockway and Devin Yeaney out of Brookville led the field of 20 Pure Stock race cars for their feature event.  Fields took the lead early with Yeaney trying to hold the outside line.  Ben Smith from Penfield moved to the inside of Yeaney but couldn’t quite make the pass.  On a caution restart Yeaney continued to hold the outside line and took the lead back as Colton Joiner slipped into third getting under Smith and then under Fields into second.  Yeaney was doing a good job holding off Joiner as Smith worked his way into third by passing Fields.  Also coming up through the pack was Doug Surra from Kersey racing his way into fifth place.   The good run for Yeaney ended when he lost the handle in turn two giving the lead to Joiner while Surra moved into the third position.  On the restart Surra jumped by Fields into second followed by John Barley from DuBois.  Surra and Barley made a few attempts at the leader in the closing laps but Joiner held on for his second win of the season.  Second through fifth place included Surra, Fields, Jim Challingsworth from St. Marys, and Todd Bailey from Brockway.   Barley was disqualified for being light at the scales after the race.

Devin Yeaney, Josh Fields, and Mike Anderson won the heat races in the Pure Stock division.

The final feature event of the evening consisted of 14 Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder stock cars making their way onto the racing surface.  Cory Reitz from Brockway led the charge of four bangers with Mike Lucas from Philipsburg at his side.  Lucas jumped to an early lead using the high line with no less than 6 cars in a pack behind him.  Something had to give and it did at the beginning of the second lap when a number of cars got sideways in turn one.  On the restart Lucas again jumped to the lead followed closely by Jerry Walls from Sykesville.  Walls raced Lucas closely on the low line but couldn’t power by him.  Following close behind them were Zack Lindemuth from Brockport, Reitz and Bryan Warren out of Curwensville.  Warren worked the high line on Lindemuth for a few laps then dropped low and made the pass into third.  Walls continued to pressure Lucas and it looked like lap traffic would give him an edge.  It appeared he might have had half a nose advantage on Lucas coming out of turn four but Lucas had the momentum and powered off the turn carrying him to Bob Sullinger’s checkered flag, winning by half a car length in a very close and exciting finish.

Chris McCracken and Chuck White won the heat races in the division.

74 Cars visited Hummingbird Speedway on another classic Saturday night of dirt track racing action.  20 cars were in each of the Steel Block Late Model, Street Stock, and Pure Stock divisions while 14 cars lined up for the feature of the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder group.  Next Saturday is the Mid-Season Championship with double points in all divisions.  Gates open at 4:30 pm with heat races beginning at 7:00 pm.  Visit the speedway web site at for current point standings, weekly photographs, and more.


Steel Block Late Models

  1. 53                           Chris Farrell                        Clearfield
  2. 15                           Luke Hoffner                     Turbotville
  3. 1B                           Dwayne Brooks                                Falls Creek
  4. 00                           Eric Moore                          Frenchville
  5. 55                           Denny Fenton                   Clearfield
  6. 3D                           Bill Davis                               Luthersburg
  7. 36                           Paul Kot                               Brockway
  8. 11G                        Dan Gill                                 Clearfield
  9. 44                           Dan Smeal                           Houtzdale
  10. 102                         Rick Maxim                         Reynoldsville
  11. 77R                         Roswell Babcock               Curwensville
  12. 00                           Randy Sterling                   Morrisdale
  13. 10                           Bruce Raybuck                  Falls Creek
  14. 94                           Charlie Powell                   Brookville
  15. 15W                       Tim Steis                              St. Marys

Street Stocks

  1. 33                           Ed Connor                           DuBois
  2. 37                           Joe Kot                                 DuBois
  3. T3                           Colton Gearhart               Dubois
  4. 69R                         Brian Rhed                          Brockport
  5. 137                         Jamie Price                         Clearfield
  6. 29L                         Johnny Lindenpitz           Knoxdale
  7. 05                           Brandon Connor               DuBois
  8. 101                         Bruce Hartzfeld                 Stump Creek
  9. 77                           Chad O’Brien                     Strattanville
  10. 8F                           Dale Yeaney                       Brookville
  11. 8R                           Tom Slack                            Sabula
  12. 46                           Dustin Challingsworth    St. Marys
  13. 3                              Rich Howell                         Clearfield
  14. 68                           Don Henry                          Brockway
  15. 78                           Tim Fannin                          Ridgway
  16. 28                           Fuzzy Fields                        Brockport
  17. 19R                         Rick Tripodi                         Ridgway
  18. 01 DNS                  Steve Arthurs                    Falls Creek
  19. 7 DNS                    Rich Howell Jr.                   Clearfield
  20. 96E DNS               Tim Fannin                          Ridgway

Pure Stocks

  1. 1*                           Colton Joiner                     DuBois
  2. 3                              Doug Surra                          Kersey
  3. 78                           Josh Fields                          Brockway
  4. 44                           Jim Challingsworth          St. Marys
  5. 57T                         Todd Bailey                         Brockway
  6. 76                           Mike Anderson                 DuBois
  7. 88M                       Doug Zimmerman            Brookville
  8. 1S                           Ben Smith                           Penfield
  9. 24                           Devin Yeaney                    Brookville
  10. 8                              Cory Silvis                            Brookville
  11. 15M                       Shawn Munoz                   Punxsutawney
  12. 37                           Hunter McCracken          Curwensville
  13. 54                           Josh Frantz                         DuBois
  14. 9-11                       Tony Brown                        Reynoldsville
  15. 13 ½                       William Taylor                    Spring Mills
  16. 73                           Devin Lewis                        Weedville
  17. 42                           Dave Kohler                       Rockton
  18. 4T                           Randy “Tank” Coombs   Big Run
  19. 5H DQD                                John Barley                         DuBois
  20. 8L DQD                 Eric Lucas                             Clearfield

Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders

  1. 81                           Mike Lucas                          Philipsburg
  2. 92                           Jerry Walls                          Sykesville
  3. 5                              Bryan Warren                    Curwensville
  4. 34                           Zack Lindemuth                                Brockport
  5. 74                           Stephanie Lucas                               Philipsburg
  6. 37                           Chris McCracken              Curwensville
  7. 65C                         Cory Reitz                            Brockway
  8. 99                           Bruce Raab                         Houtzdale
  9. 94R                         Richelle Sheley                  Reynoldsville
  10. 2B                           Rusty Murray                     Mayport
  11. 7K                           Chuck White                      DuBois
  12. 17                           Randy Albert                      Morrisdale
  13. 6B                           Frank Barrett III                                DuBois
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