Traffic Signal Brings About Mixed Signals Among Council Members

CLEARFIELD – A long-standing, inactive traffic light caused some heated debate among Clearfield Borough Council on Thursday night.

It was brought up during the meeting that representatives from Pennsylvania Grain Processing LLC, the former Bionol ethanol production facility, were interested in having the light on US Route 322 and East Eighth Street activated. Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott stated the plants ownership was concerned over trucks turning out of the plant heading eastbound. Stott also pointed out that speeding has been an issue along the route, and that the light may help control that issue.

Stott indicated turning the light on was under PennDOT’s domain. however, once online, the borough would be responsible for its operation and upkeep. Kling said it was his understanding an agreement had been reached between the borough and Bionol in which Bionol would take over the costs of the light. Stott stated that was only a “gentlemen’s” agreement, and that nothing was in writing. Kling insisted there was something in writing, or should have been something in writing. Kling also wanted to see where the light would become the borough’s responsibility once it was put online.

Kling also added his take on the light in general.

“I don’t believe a light is necessary there.”

Council member Richard Stewart Jr. echoed that statement.

Regardless of whether the lights are activated, it appeared they would incur some cost from the borough.

“If they don’t come on,” said Stott. “We need to pay for them to co come down.”


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One thought on “Traffic Signal Brings About Mixed Signals Among Council Members

  1. tornrose93

    I feel that light is very important, especially when the ethanol plant starts up. Also, why is it the businesses responsibility to upkeep the costs of the light? Does CVS pay for the light near them? Does Sheetz pay for their light? Come on city councilmen! No wonder we can’t get businesses into our town! Man up and take on some responsiblities! It should be the towns responsibility to handle traffic control! I as a taxpayer would not have a problem having my taxes raised in order to do so if it keeps business in this town. If the jobs aren’t here you don’t get paid!!!

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