Dog Hollow Speedway Results – May 25, 2012

Press release by Terry Whetstone

STRONTGSTOWN, PA – Steve Everhart of Canoe Creek stopped the Sammy Stile winning streak in the Townsend Gas and Oil Super Late Models at Dog Hollow Speedway Friday night at three, as he bested the field on Performance Machine Night.
Other new winners included: Steve Kenawell of East Freedom in the Precise Racing Products Racesaver Sprints, Sean Fitzpatrick of Loretto in the Myers Tires Four Cylinder Sidewinders and John Hayes of Clymer in the Myers Tires Modified Four Cylinders.
Repeat winners included Andrew Satterlee of Rochester Mills in the Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models, Nick Goss of Punxsutawney in the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Street Stocks and Adam Pletcher of Tire Hill in the Lias Tire Pure Stocks.
Mike Blose and Shane McMeans led the Super Late Models to the start with Blose putting his Ford powered #5 out front immediately. McMeans was second for the first lap before Alex Ferree moved into second. While Ferree was chasing after Blose, the crowd was watching Sammy Stile, who started scratch on the field and missed the qualifying. Stile was working his way towards the front, picking off two and three cars at the start before he moved into fifth on the 12th lap.
Blose continued to lead until the second and final caution waved on lap 19 for a spinning Randy Smithley. On that restart Steve Everhart, who moved into second on lap seven, was able to find an opening to get past Blose as he went on to get his first win of the season. Blose was second with Ferree third, Clate Copeman fourth and Stile unable to get past fifth. Heat wins went to Everhart and Blose.
Andrew Satterlee and Ken Herman led the Fastrak Late Models to the start, with the field going five-wide out of the second turn, with John Eckenrod coming out with the lead. Eckenrod led the first two laps before Jeremy Zufall moved into the top spot. Zufall was holding off the challenges from Andrew Satterlee after he inherited second from a spinning Eckrod on lap seven.
With his sights now set on the lead, Satterlee began to hound Zufall for the rest of the race, and with just four laps to go, Zufall couldn’t withstand the pressure and got high in turn two, with Satterlee and Rich Logan dropping him back to third. Joe Martin was also headed to the front, coming from scratch on the field, Martin was up to third when the checkered flag waved. At the line the top five were: Satterlee, Logan, Martin, Zufall and Rick Singleton. Heat wins were split between Satterlee and Eckenrod.
The Racesaver 305 Sprints hit the surface with Brian Walker and Steve Kenawell on the front row with Kennawell taking the lead and never letting anyone get close enough to challenge for the lead. He was able to pick up his first career Dog Hollow win with Walter a close second, Dan Shetler was third with “Cowboy” Jim Kennedy coming from ninth to fourth and Bryce Stephens fifth. The heats were split between Walters and Jeff Bacha.
The Street Stocks were led to the start by past champion Nick Goss and Mike Desch with Goss taking the lead and setting the pace. The best race was for further back as Jeff Sweeney, Corey Neal, Bob Rosman and Ray Hickok trying to settle everything among themselves, with Sweeney finding the high side to his liking and breaking through. He was finally able to get to the fourth spot when the only caution waved on lap 15 for a spin. On the restart it was still Goss leading the way with Desch still second and Jamie Price third, with Sweeney using every part of the surface to get to the leader but he ran out of time. At the line it was Goss with his third win of the season over Desch, Sweeney, Price and Hickok. The heat was won by Hickok.
Marshall Detwiler and Matt Krause led the Pure Stocks to the start with Detwiler taking the lead. A quick caution regrouped the field on the first lap to find Justin Queen and Kylie Hamilton making contact with Queen facing the wall and Hamilton into the right front. On the restart, with a badly damaged front wheel, Detwiler was the leader, with Adam Pletcher second and Queen lining up third. Detwiler led as Pletcher spun to bring out another yellow flag.
Detwiler then had Queen to battle with, as Queen tried the outside, Detwiler slid up the track in turn one, Queen tried to avoid him, and spun eventually ending up out of the race. Detwiler continued to lead with Pletcher trying to come to the front, but he failed to wait for the green and was sent back to the rear for jumping. As the race continued Detwiler had Matt Krause to contend with while Pletcher continued to head for the front. Detwiler seemed to have something break as he lost the lead to Krause on lap 12, but Pletcher then took the lead one lap later and went on to get the win. Detwiler was second, Matt Summer was third, Jimmy Hamilton was fourth and Anthony Brown. In the post race Hamilton was disqualified and the new top five saw Kylie Hamilton now in the fifth spot. Heat wins went to Pletcher and Krause.
John Lamer and Jim Kleitches were on the front row of the Four Cylinder Sidewinder Feature with Lamer taking the initial lead and holding it for two laps, then Sean Fitzpatrick moved into the lead from his sixth place starting spot. Once in the lead, he was able to hold Kleitches and Lamer for the first victory of his career. The top five were: Fitzpatrick, Kleitches, Lamar, Jack Theys and Davey Lambert. Kleitches, Theys and David Gacks won the heats.
The Modified Four Cylinders were fast and furious from the start with Mark Maglet beating John Hayes into the first turn, with new comer John Campisano looking for the lead. As the race was nearing the ninth lap, Campisano went to the outside of Maglet, the two touched in the third and fourth turns with Campisano getting air time. The car was on its right side wheel, then the nose of the car before sailing off the end of the speedway and finally ending up on its wheels on an embankment.
Campisano exited the car and was transported to Indiana Hospital as a safety precaution. Both drivers were out of the race and that gave the lead over to Hayes who went on to get his first career win. Ray Edwards, Paul Little, Rick Lamer and Chris Hickok rounded out the top five. Hayes and Edwards won the heats.
DOG TRAX: 107 teams filled the pits, including 15 Super Late Models, 19 Fastrak Late Models, 12 Racesaver 305 Sprints, 9 Street Stocks, 13 Pure Stocks, 29 Four Cylinder Four Cylinders and 10 Modified Four Cylinders… Coming up this week is a regular show for the Super Late Models, Racesaver 305 Sprints; Fastrak Late Models; Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, Four Cylinder Sidewinders and Modified Four Cylinders plus Kids Bike Races, all sponsored by Forsheys…Sean Fitzpatrick won the Four Cylinder Sidewinder Shoot-out…Coming up on Tuesday June 5 is the Appalachian Mountain Late Model Speedweek paying $5,000 to win. The Street Stocks and Four Cylinder Sidewinders will also be on hand along with fireworks. American Racer will be sponsoring the action. Race time is 7 p.m. For more info check out the website at
TOWNSEND GAS & OIL Super Late Models (15): Steve Everhart, Mike Blose, Alex Ferree, Clate Copeman, Sam Stile, Terry Rayko, Rick Davis, Shane McMeans, Dan Lee, Randy Smithley, Dave Lee, Ryan Christoff, Andrew Gordon, Tyler Hite, Rudy Bassaro Heats: Blose, Everhart
STOYSTOWN AUTO WRECKERS FASTRAK Late Models (19): Andrew Satterlee, Rich Logan, Joe Martin, Jeremy Zufall, Rick Singleton, Joe Moyer, Dave Padula, John Mazey, Ken Herman, Jason Mullen, WL Stile, Josh Valenti, Ed Kline, Mike Laughard, Bernie Whiteford, Tim Snare, Jr., John Eckenrod, Wes McKeel, DNS: Joe Petyak,. Heats: Satterlee, Eckenrod.
PRECISE RACING PRODUCTS Racesaver 305 Sprints (12): Steve Kenawell, Brian Walker, Dan Shetler, Jim Kennedy, Bryce Stephens, Roger Irvine, Justin Zap, Skip Dougherty, Greg Dobrosky, Ryan Lynn, Jeff Bacha, Jim Marquette. Heats: Walker, Bacha.
HOOSIER TIRE MID ATLANTIC Street Stocks (9): Nick Goss, Mike Desch, Jeff Sweeney, Jamie Price, Ray Hickok, Corey Neal, Bob Rosman, Bob Ralston, Jr., DNS: Andy Klingensmith. Heat: Hickok.
LIAS TIRE Pure Stocks (13): Adam Pletcher, Marshall Detwiler, Matt Summers, Anthony Brown, Kylie Hamilton, Matt Krause, Patrick Spyker, Donnie Lechak, Darren Smouse, Justin Queen, David Beahr, Doug Zimmerman, DQ: Jim Hamilton. Heats: Pletcher, Krause.
MYERS TIRE 4 Cylinders (29): Sean Fitzpatrick, Jim Kleitches, John Lamer, Jack Theys, Davey Lambert, Mike Phillipson, Chris Yoder, Gene Charles, Paul Crynock, Jr., Steve Frederick, Mark Rematt, Sr., John Welsko, Tim Lamer, David Gacka, Robert Lydic, Ryan Claycomb, Mark Rematt, David Rocker, Scott Brown, Frank McGuire, Terry Kester, Jeff Pennington, Damian Gearhart, Stephanie Ivory, DNS: Adam Laughard, Bill Hassenplug, John Costa, Ryan Norris, Dustin Tolar. Heats: Theys, Kleitches, Gacka.
MYERS TIRE Modified 4 Cylinders (10): John Hayes, Ray Edwards, Paul Little, Rick Lamer, Chris Hickok, Ashley Britsky, Dana Krause, John Campisano, Tim Brant, Mark Maglet. Heats: Hayes, Edwards.
4 Cylinder Shootout: Sean Fitzpatrick over Jim Kleitches.
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