Council Member Argues Against Nuisance Ordinance

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CLEARFIELD – The potential for a nuisance ordinance within Clearfield Borough brought about some lively debate between council members on Thursday night.

Council member Jim Kling asked council’s permission for the Clearfield Borough Planning Commission to move forward on researching a nuisance ordinance.

Clearfield Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said it was brought to her attention by council member Fred Wisor that the state crimes code covered nuisances.

“There is an ordinance in the state criminal code,” said Kling. “It is very vague.”

Kling said the planning commission would look at issues such as noise, animals/animal clean-up, smoke, pollutants and more.

“A lot of things in the code book are so outdated,” stated Kling.

When the topic was originally brought up Stott, she was warned by Kling not to get into one of the incidents that prompted the issue. After Kling made his pitch, council member Richard Stewart Jr. asked if they could elaborate on the “incident”. Kling replied, noting that a resident in the borough has roosters. He stated the roosters crow early in the morning, waking the neighboring children up at 3 and 4 a.m.

Wisor stated that he believed the crimes code would cover the issue.

Council voted and approved allowing the planning commission to move forward with their request, with Wisor voting against it.

“You’re just cluttering up our ordinances,” said Wisor. “We already have ordinances … we don’t enforce.”

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