Curwensville Man Pleads Guilty to Indecent Assault

CLEARFIELD-A Curwensville man charged with molesting an 8-year-old girl pleaded guilty Tuesday during plea and sentencing court in Clearfield County.

Eric Queen, 52, Curwensville, pleaded guilty to indecent assault. He was sentenced to 60 days to one year in jail and three years consecutive probation. He was ordered to complete the Project Point of Light program and to have no contact with females under the age of 18 other than supervised contact with his grandchildren. He was fined $1,000 plus costs.

Queen was originally charged with rape of a child, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, aggravated indecent assault of a child, statutory sexual assault, sexual assault, and indecent assault on person less than 13 years of age. The charges stem from an incident in June 2009 when Queen allegedly sexually assaulted a girl while she was staying at his home. In August, a three day trial ended with a hung jury because they could not agree on a verdict.

Prior to sentencing, Lance Marshall, attorney for Queen said that the probation office’s recommendation for the plea was for four years probation. He noted that Queen had been free on supervised bail since the fall of 2009.

“He’s already been on supervision for two and a half years,”Marshal lstated then asked for a shorter probation period.

Judge Fredric J. Ammerman pointed out that the plea was a compromise in this case which had caused “all kinds of problems for the family.”  He recalled several pre-trial hearings which were “hard fought”.

It was also noted that Queen had been evaluated and was determined not to be a sexually violent predator.

During the trial the victim testified that she and her family were at the Queen’s house that day swimming. Before her family went home, she asked her mother if she could stay overnight with theQueens. The mother agreed. During the evening Paula Queen was called into work, leaving Queen alone with the girl. The victim testified that she showered and put on a nightgown. They stayed in Queen’s bedroom where they were watching TV. They had a snack of chips and milk.

She stated that he touched her “inside” and licked her. After this she asked if she could call her mother, and Queen agreed. She went downstairs so he wouldn’t hear what she was saying on the phone. She explained that she wanted to go home because “I didn’t like being alone with him.”

DNA evidence taken from the girl’s underwear was a match for Queen or one of his male relatives. In an early interview with Pennsylvania State Trooper Terry Jordan, Queen stated that if he ever thought he could do something like this they would have to bury him the next day. Later in the investigation after Jordan took a DNA sample from Queen, Queen tried to commit suicide, according to testimony from the trial.

Throughout several pre-trial hearings Queen maintained that what the girl described did not happen. His testimony of that evening’s events was the same as the victim’s up to the point of her being in his bed. She was talking to Paula Queen on the phone when she spilled milk on the bed. Queen said he was sure his wife said something to the girl about the milk because she doesn’t allow milk or food in the bed as a rule. It was after this he said the victim asked if she could call her parents. The defense had stated that the girl made the story up to get out of trouble for spilling the milk.

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5 thoughts on “Curwensville Man Pleads Guilty to Indecent Assault

  1. justice4all

    yeah our court system is broken but why did mr queen wait soooo loooong to admit quilt if he was soooo innocent and why did he want to commit suicide?
    when you wonder one day why this young lady is distant and shows no emotions and love, just look in the direction of family and you will see maybe possible that more money was spent on keeping someone out of jail then helping this young girl.
    Where is love?

  2. lateraldrop

    First of all…the man passed not one…but TWO lie detector tests. Figure the odds on that. Secondly, the sample…NOT DNA by the way…could have very easily been picked up by allowing her underwear to touch the floor in front of the toilet. The “DNA” sample everyone is so up in arms about is not even DNA. It was an enzyme, found COMMONLY in urine.

    And finally, for all you Sherlock Holmes wannabe’s, there was not a single shred of evidence found on the childs body in the ER. So how then…pray tell, does one get an enzyme of ANY type on the underwear, and not on the body itself? Anyone in the health field should be able to calculate that it would be impossible! DNA doesn’t just wipe off with cotton and go away. Ask Scott Peterson. If there was any type of DNA or enzyme present “inside” the underware, it would have to be present on the body too. Interestingly enough, did anyone find it reported anywhere that there was a previous history of molestation of this child. Children and youth lied through their teeth.

    And you are right about the current Clearfield system…I can’t believe we have officials that allow people to get away with anything…most notably…trying an inncocent man with half truths, trumped up allegations…and complete disregard of crucial evidence and statements.

    • deelee

      I think there are too many what ifs……the Gant Daily article clearly states dna evidence. That is what I based my comments on. There is also the suicide attempt. I understand it would be devastating to be accused of molestation if you are innocent. But you should fight for yourself, and not attempt suicide. And why was the attempt right after the dna sample was taken from the man by the police. Seems a little sketchy to me.

      This is also a pretty far fetched story for an 8 year old to make up. But it would not be impossible. Consider how you would feel if it was your 8 year old. Or if it was you as a child. You might not be so quick to criticize all of us.

      And finally, maybe getting all the correct details from media would help us all make more informed comments.

  3. nurse2499

    I agree completely, this is completely sick! I am appalled that the DA would even plea out this case. It makes me so sad for the little girl involved. Clearfield County does seem to let people like Eric get away with abusing children. How or why would an eight year old make up any kind of story like that?

    I agree with deelee, He must be getting good at hiding his true self, but I’m sure if it happens again he will get away with it. Cause its Clearfield County..

    I believe he should have to registar himself with Megan Law, but I’m sure he doesn’t .. He is a sick man!!

  4. deelee

    Seriously? I have seen a lot of local stories about children being molested. It is sad and awful. It terrifies me that our (Clearfield)court system would let this happen. How can the court reduce a sentence like that. So what if he was being supervised. So what if it was two years or more. If he would have been convicted and incarcerated, he would definitely have been supervised. How did his DNA get in her underwear (or one of his male relatives). Did they question all the men there? Can you call a pedophile a man? Maybe we aren’t getting all the details.

    Maybe there was some explanation given in court to explain the DNA. I sure hope so. I bet we will be seeing his name in the news again. If not, I guess it means he is just getting better at hiding his true self.

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