Sandy Supers Receive Grant Funding Toward Fairfield Suites Project

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DUBOIS – Sandy Township and Exit 101, LLC. has come to a new revision on their agreement and costs in the Fairfield Suites hotel.  The township had requested that Exit 101 use controls standard with what the township was already using.  These increased the cost of the project by $15,000.  This required the township’s spending cap for their share of the project to be raised from $225,000 to $240,000.

The planned Farfield Suites and Inn would be a hotel and restaurant near Interstate 80, exit 101, near the Unilec building.

According to Township Manager Dick Castonguay, the township received $25,000 towards the project from the Clearfield County Industrial Development Authority in the form of a grant.

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The township passed Resolution No. 2012-14 – Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement.  The agreement will set the course for stop lights at the east and west bound ramps for I-80 on State Route 255.  The lights will be using LED bulbs.  According to Castonguay, LED bulbs use $20 per month in energy compared to $80 a month for traditional bulbs.

Resolutions 2012-1 passed maintaining Mountain Run Road’s weight limit of 10 tons.  The township had to pass a resolution to maintain the limit as they had taken control of the road from PennDOT.

Resolution 2012-2 passed changing the speed limits of three roads in the township.  Salada Road dropped from 35 mph to 30 mph after requests made by residents in the area.  Hungry Hollow Road, which connects to Salada, was raised to 30 MPH from 25 MPH to keep the speed limit uniform between the two roads.  Mountain Run Road was dropped to 40 MPH from 45 MPH.


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