Clearfield Borough Council Hears Update on CRC’s Downtown Involvement

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield’s Main Street Manager was on hand Thursday night to introduce herself to new council members and give all an update on Clearfield Revitalization Corporation’s downtown involvement.

“I appreciate your partnership,” said Kellie Truman, Main Street manager.

She gave each member of council a packet of information, then went over the information. She touched on a number of topics, including downtown Clearfield’s building vacancy rate. She stated the rate is at 13 percent. Truman compared that to other downtowns in the Main Street program that have upward of 40 percent vacancy.

“The hard part is placing people in the right areas,” said Truman. She indicated that the historic downtown buildings don’t exactly fit the cookie cutter mold some businesses are looking for. She stated her organization has been able to place some businesses, acting as a go-between, so to speak.

She touched on the Facade Improvement grant the CRC operates, from 2010 through 2012. She stated that the CRC had invested $105,000, while private investment came in at $287,000. The total number of grants awarded is 36. Truman said that 22 percent of downtown storefronts have been improved.

Truman also pointed out the private investments, excluding facade projects, made into the downtown in 2011. That amount came in at $574,730. She said this does not include painting and that it has led to spin-off projects, such as a neighbor who sees work being done deciding to spruce up their own business.



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