Hydrologist to Discuss Natural-gas-drilling Related Topics April 24

Garth Lewellyn, principal hydrogeologist with Appalachia Hydrogeologic and Environmental Consulting Inc., will present a talk from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. April 24 in Room 301 of the Steidle Building on the University Park campus.

The talk will be titled “Hydrogeologic Conceptual Modeling and Geochemical Considerations for Evaluating Groundwater Flow and Gas-Drilling Impacts Throughout Susquehanna County, Pa.”

Llewellyn will present a multi-faced approach for understanding potential impacts to groundwater from shale gas well developing. He will discuss

1) well yield and water quality data obtained for Susquehanna County through Pennsylvania’s Groundwater Information System (PaGWIS) and pre-drilling water quality baseline assessments;

2) a hydrogeologic conceptual model of the region; and

3) natural water quality variations and subsequent gas-drilling development.

He also will briefly discuss some of the environmental forensic tools used for investigating gas-drilling impacts, including methane/ethane ratios, natural gas isotopic characterization and conservative ionic tracers.

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