LTE: Decision Time

Over the past six months we have been attending candidate forums throughout the state and sponsoring local “Meet The US Senate Candidate Series.” We have had the opportunity to meet all of the candidates on the republican ballot.

Tom Smith and Sam Rohrer currently lead the polls, with endorsed candidate Steve Welch a distant third. Smith and Rohrer are conservative, pro-life and pro-second amendment Candidates.

Tom Smith’s life is a story of hard work and determination. At 19, Tom postponed college to run the family farm after his father became ill. Later, as a union coal miner, Tom mortgaged everything to start his own energy company. The company Tom built created hundreds of jobs for Pennsylvania families.

The campaign this fall must focus on, “It’s the economy stupid!” Jobs, the U-6 unemployment rate at 14.5 %, 5 trillion dollars further in debt and gasoline more than doubling in price since the President took office need to be the focus of this campaign!

Liberal Steve Welch’s former support of Barack Obama and Joe Sestak and/or Sam Rohrer’s midnight pay raise and pension grab, which decimated Pennsylvania’s Pension system, would effectively undermine either of their conservative claims.

This is why I support Tom Smith for US Senate. Tom Smith has a documented conservative record that includes unparalleled support for conservative Republican candidates and causes, as well as founding a regional Tea Party organization.

Tom Smith’s conservative record and business experience provides the best contrast to the failed liberal policies of Barack Obama and Bob Casey.

Tom Smith is the one candidate who can hold Senator Casey’s feet to the fire on his voting record, unite the party and attract Independent voters. Please join me in supporting Tom Smith for United States Senate on April 24!

John Balliet

Du Bois 

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