DuBois City Council Holds Second CDBG Hearing

(GantDaily File Photo)

DUBOIS – The City of DuBois’ council approved the second hearing of the CDBG funds and the modification to the 2011 plan.

The city was awarded an even $300,00  for the 2012 fiscal year.  While this is $15,000 less than what the city received last year, it is $23 thousand more council expected.

The funds will be broke down as follows under the current plan:

  • Recreation improvements: $35,000
  • Public facilities, Fire Station: $186,000
  • Public facilities, Library: $25,000
  • Administrative costs: $54,000

The draft copy of the application will be made available for public review after April 13.  The application will be voted on at the April 23 city council meeting, and it will be submitted prior to April 27.

The modification of the 2011 project will involve transferring $70,000 currently allocated to the fire station public facilities to a new 4th Ward Sanitary Sewer Improvements project.  This would leave the current fire station allotment at $53,278.

The Veolia Residential Spring Clean-Up will take place between April 2 and April 6 on the regular day pick-up.  Veolia has the following limitations: items must be able to be lifted by one person, anything loose must be bundled, no tires, no Freon, and no yard waste.

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