Clearfield Borough Receives $96.5K in CDBG Funding

CLEARFIELD – At the second required public hearing for the 2012 Community Development Block Grant, Clearfield Borough was notified how much money it would be receiving from the state.

The total amount IS $96,525. This will be split between the maximum amount allowed for administrative costs, $17,374 or 18 percent with the remainder, $79,151, going to recreation improvements on Daisy Street.

There will be $40,000 applied to Kurtz Field from other CDBG funds.  Clearfield Borough will be modifying the 2010 project funds so that $40,000 originally intended for Daisy Street, but unused, be used at Kurtz Field.

The first public hearing was held February 16.  Clearfield Borough will make a draft copy available for review after April 13.  The public will then have until 12 p.m. April 18 to make public comment on the application. The application will be voted on at the April 19 meeting and submitted to the state’s Department of Community and Economic Development before May 25.

“If I did my math correctly, it is at least a 15 percent?” asked Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott.

She was unable to get the exact percentage reduction confirmed but was reminded that Clearfield was to expect at least the same 12 percent reduction as every other community.

Related, Clearfield Borough has released the list of roads it plans to pave in 2012:

  • South Third Street from Spruce to Everett Street, estimated cost of $9,720.
  • Clark Street from Market Street to Borough Line, est. $28,063.
  • Fairview Avenue from East Seventh to Dorey Street, est. $13,592.50
  • East Locust Street from state Route 1004 to North Fourth Street, est. $16,945.75
  • East Tenth Street from S.R. 1004 to Dorey Street, est. $10,322.
  • North Fifth Street from East Market to East Locust Street, est. $9,085.50
  • Cumberland Street from Polk to Spruce Street, est. $14,075.
  • West Fifth Street from Clearfield to Nichols Street, est. $13,814.25

The total cost estimated to be $115,618.  This includes fully width profile mill and a 1.5 inch overlay.

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