WJAC-TV: Sandusky’s Attorney Demands More Evidence from Prosecutors

BELLEFONTE —Jerry Sandusky’s defense team appeared before a judge in Centre County, demanding a more detailed account of the alleged sex crimes facing the former football coach, according to GantDaily.com news partner WJAC-TV.

Judge John Cleland heard the arguments but gave no indication when he might rule on Monday’s arguments.

The debate concerns the “bill of particulars” that outlines the case of the 10 alleged victims.

Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola said the information is too vague.  He wants more specific information about where and when alleged crimes occurred and the names of people who were present.

Without that information, Amendola said Sandusky cannot get a fair trial.

Prosecutors told the judge the alleged victims are traumatized.  Now that so many years have passed, they are unable to remember exact dates and locations.

Sandusky did not attend Monday’s hearing in Bellefonte.

Jury selection is scheduled for May 14.

Amendola strongly denies any talk of a plea bargain.  He added that if he does not receive more detailed evidence, he will file a motion to dismiss all charges against his client.

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