Police Report: LTPD

—  Police are investigating a hit and run at the high school.  Police spoke to a witness and the investigation continues.

—  Police are investigating a theft from a Martin Street business. Three men were observed taking more items than paid for.  Police have the names of two suspects and are obtaining video of the event.  The investigation continues.

—  Police responded to a false alarm at the elementary school.  A student triggered the alarm.

—  Police received a complaint of trespass at a Turnpike Avenue address.  The individual involved was later taken into custody on an unrelated charge.

—  Police received  a report of two lost dogs in the Mt. Zion area.  The owner located one of the dogs.

—  Police responded to a burning complaint.  The homeowner was burning debris from a bathroom renovation.  Prior to police arrival, the items had been cleared.  Police remind residents that only paper and wood are allowed to be burned.  Plastic, foam, shingles, tar and other garbage are banned from burning.

—  Police assisted a motorist at 100 Supercenter Drive.  The motorist had locked her keys in her car.  Police were able to open the vehicle.

—  Police responded to Susquehanna Avenue for a report of a suspicious vehicle.  The vehicle and owners information checked and it was found that the driver had pull off the road with a mechanical problem and was waiting for assistance.

—  Police are investigating the delivery of a suspicious package.  A local resident received a package containing narcotics that was intended for a different party.  The investigation continues.

—  Police were called to a local business for an unwanted individual.  Upon police arrival, the individual fled out the back door of the business and was apprehended after a short chase.   The individual was found to be wanted.

—  Police and the Sheriff’s Department served two warrants on the individual in the previous incident.  The individual is currently housed in the Clearfield County Jail awaiting transport to other jurisdictions.

—  Police responded to a traffic complaint on Route 153.  The vehicle was gone when police arrived.  Police have a suspect and the investigation continues.

—  Police responded to a report of harassment and disorderly conduct.  The suspect fled prior to police arrival.  The suspect is known to police and the investigation continues.

—  Police assisted the Clearfield Borough Police with a domestic incident in the East End area.

PennDOT Malvern Supervisor Accused of Tampering with Public Records, Related Offenses
No Injuries Reported in I-80 Accident

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