LT to Purchase New Truck, Explore Fuel Tank Replacement

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the Lawrence Township Supervisors announced that the recently repaired diesel fuel tanks were still taking on water.

Water leakage led to repairs being required on several of the township’s vehicles, including its dump trucks. The oldest 450 truck had also broken down again since the previous meeting.

The township will be checking with local fuel merchants in order to come to a deal.  The township will be purchasing a 450 Dodge with an automatic transmission, and outfitted for snow removal.

According to the supervisors, Dodge and Ford are the only two companies that make the size range truck they were looking for.  They preferred General Motors’ models, but G.M. has pulled out of the out of the market.

The township supervisors also voted their approval of the state’s efforts to raise the prevailing wage threshold from $25,000 to $185,000.  Currently, any project using state funds that costs more than $25,000 requires workers to be paid a prevailing wage. This amount was decided on decades ago, and $185,000 is where the threshold would be today if it had matched inflation.

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