Valentine’s Day – What Men Shouldn’t Do

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it seems as though the opposite sex just can’t get it right. So, I asked some friends, they filled me in on what men should or shouldn’t do for or TO their wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to giving (or not giving) a gift:

Friend One: Don’t propose! That should have its own special day – Valentine’s Day is way too predictable.

Friend Two: If you’re not dating a girl, don’t send her flowers at work.

Friend Three: Don’t give her a heart shaped box of chocolates, too corny; and it looks like you got it last minute.

Friend Four: Don’t give a girl money so she can buy something for herself. Yes, money is usually appreciated, but Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a thoughtful and meaningful holiday. You (boys) don’t try and get off putting some thought into a gift.

Friend Five: Don’t send a dozen roses and when they don’t show up, blame the company for not fulfilling the order.

Friend Six: Don’t do something or buy something that you never would unless it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s always more romantic to get a surprise or flowers on random days, so don’t forget your girl on other days of the year. And on Valentine’s Day get her something that has meaning – not chocolates and roses because it’s so cliché.

When it comes to a romantic dinner:

Friend Seven: Don’t get all the ingredients to make a romantic dinner, and then set it out for when she comes home so she can make it!

Friend Eight: Don’t take your girlfriend out for dinner then after you have eaten say, “I hope you have money to pay for your meal because I only brought money to pay for mine.” 

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When it comes to not remembering Valentine’s Day:


Friend Nine: Men should not forget that it is in fact Valentine’s Day. It’s on the same day every year, Feb. 14.

(Editor’s Note: An attempt to do the counterpoint to this was done with negative results.)

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