Buckmasters Trophy Measuring Slated for Outdoor & Sports Show

CLEARFIELD – Buckmasters Trophy Records Regional Director, Edson Waite announced that he will be attending the Central PA Outdoor & Sports show to measure whitetail deer racks for inclusion into the Buckmasters trophy records system.

Measuring will be free of charge and all are encouraged to bring their whitetail mounts and racks in for scoring.  Whitetails harvested in any year are welcome at this event.  If racks are found to be large enough to qualify for entry into the Buckmasters Trophy Record Full Credit Scoring System, they will be entered at the event free of charge.  There is no required drying time with the Buckmasters system.

Waite has been scoring whitetail deer antlers for 17 years.  He has measured more than 2,500 sets of antlers with more than 700 qualifying for entry.

The Buckmasters Trophy Record System uses a non-punitive method to measure deer antlers and gives credit to the entire amount of antler grown by deer and does not force the rack to conform to perfect symmetry, as do other systems.

Buckmasters has recently released the sixth edition of their record book, which contains listing of nearly 13,000 whitetail deer, including some of the largest deer ever harvested or found.  Many of these deer hail from areas in or near Clearfield County.

The Central PA Outdoor & Sports Show will be held March 23 – 25 at the Clearfield County Fairgrounds.  More information on the event can be found on the show website http://centralpaoutdoorshow.com.

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