Hawkins Releases Annual Report

HOUTZDALE – Magisterial District Judge James L. Hawkins has released his 24th annual report, informing the public of the activities of his Houtzdale-based office.

In 2011, his office had 1,306 total offenses filed with gross receipts of $159,551.42. The total offenses neither include 33 miscellaneous dockets nor 36 video arraignments.

Of the total offenses, traffic citations led the way with 584, Hawkins reported. Of the gross receipts collected in 2011, the following disbursements were made: state’s Department of Revenue, $97,883.78; Clearfield County, $28,056.88; and municipalities, $6,952.76.

Hawkins reported that restitution to businesses and private individuals was $7,201.35. Server fees for constable services were $14,095.84.

Boroughs received the following: Brisbin, $106.27; Burnside, $73.58; Coalport, $438.91; Houtzdale, $491.35; Irvona, $73.15; Mahaffey, $272.99; Ramey, $87.43; and Westover, $25.

Townships received the following: Beccaria, $544.82; Bell, $268.85; Bigler, $1,209.41; Burnside, $158.22; Chest, $4.46; Ferguson, $100; Greenwood, $50; Gulich, $50; Jordan, $266.08; Knox, $165.28; Woodward, $2,566.96; and Decatur, $933.58 (coverage for Houtzdale Borough).

Due to violations of the School Compulsory Attendance Act and the Use of Tobacco in Schools Prohibited, the Moshannon Valley High School received $228.04 and the Harmony High School received $118.04.

Hawkins reported that this money only includes fines for violations of summary offenses and local ordinances that occurred within each municipality. If a municipality has a local police department, it includes one-half of the traffic fines.

Further, he said traffic violations made by the state police are sent to the state’s Department of Revenue and then are partially refunded to the proper municipality once a year.

Hawkins noted that the district judge and staff are paid a set salary from either Clearfield County or the Commonwealth and do not directly receive any money paid to the court.

The records are subject to auditing by Clearfield County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the aforementioned political subdivisions. All trials and hearings are open to the public, and the records are available for public inspection.

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