WJACTV.COM: Troopers, Experts and Former Friends Testify at Double Homicide Trial

BROKVILLE – According to WJACTV.com, on the fourth day of Steven Rebert’s trial, a number of different people testified. 

Rebert faces double homicide charges in the shooting deaths of Wayne and Vicky Shugar. 

Officials Testify:
John Lovett, chief of the Emporium police department, was first to testify on Thursday. He told the jury that he has been chief for two years and was formerly a police officer in St.Mary’s. Lovett’s testimony was brief. 

District Attorney Jeffrey Burkett questioned his involvement in the investigation. Lovett told the jury he followed Rebert’s car once it was towed by Zimmerman Towing following the search warrant. 

Retired Pennsylvania State Trooper Robbie Fedder took to the stand next. He told the jury that he also accompanied Rebert’s 1987 Mercury Marquis being taken from Emporium to Punxsutawney. 

Sergeant Shawn Fischer, former corporal at Punxsutawney Troop-C, testified that he met Fedder and also escorted the tow truck. Fischer is now a criminal investigation supervisor at Troop-E in Erie. 

He told the jury that when Rebert’s vehicle arrived to the Punxsutawney barracks, it was brought into a secure building. 

When defense attorney John Ingros questioned him on the accessibility to the building, Fischer said that was the first time he had ever been in that part of the building, and there was limited access. 

Corporal Robert Logan of Punxsutawney Troop-C  was the evidence officer on scene in April 2010. Logan said he preserved and recorded evidence at victims Wayne and Vicky Shugar’s home, located at 642 Coal Tipple Road. Logan said initially, police did not have access to the trunk of Rebert’s vehicle. 

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