WJACTV.Com: Allegheny Township Homeowner Shoots Man Trying to Come Inside

ALLEGHENY COUNTY – A scary situation unfolds for a homeowner in Blair County. Police said a man attempted to break into a house in Allegheny Township, but didn’t get away because the homeowner shot him.

6 News spoke with police Sunday afternoon. Allegheny Township Police confirmed a man in his 20s was shot in his chest with a .22 caliber  because he was demanding entrance inside of a neighbor’s home.

“This is a quiet area, it’s a secluded area. We like it here and it’s a little bit of a surprise to me,” neighbor Gerald Waring said.

Waring has lived on Brandt Lane, which intersects with Cunningham, for about a decade. He hasn’t had any problems with suspicious people lurking through the neighborhood until about midnight Saturday morning.

“We got up, and we looked up and we saw what appeared to be police cars on Cunningham Lane in the driveway of that home over there,” Waring explained.

Police said a man in his 20s showed up on the back deck of Waring’s neighbor’s home. He was demanding entrance inside of the home, but didn’t manage to get in, or out, before the homeowner shot him in the chest.

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