Burns and Burns Insurance Receives Silver Shovel Award

(Photo provided by Kellie Truman)

CLEARFIELD – Burns and Burns Insurance received the Silver Shovel Award for the month of January. A spin off from the previous Golden Broom Award, the Silver Shovel Award is a peer-to-peer program initiated by the Clearfield Revitalization Corporation, to promote storefront and sidewalk cleanliness in the winter months. The Silver Shovel has been passed by Historica Plus Antiques.

Owner of Burns and Burns Insurance, Kevin McMillen, remarked that it is essential to the safety of his customers and pedestrians to keep a clean sidewalk, especially since he is on a busy corner of South Second and Market Streets. Burns and Burns Insurance will look to pass the Silver Shovel next month.

In Photo: Kevin McMillen (Burns and Burns Insurance), Jim Leitzinger (Historica Plus Antiques)

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