WJACTV.COM: Concerns Growing Over Possibility of More Drilling

BROCKWAY – The Marcellus Shale industry is booming across the state of Pennsylvania. 

In Brockway, a well was drilled within the watershed in February. Officials said now the company that drilled the well is hoping to drill another within the watershed. 

Flatirons Development LLC is based out of Denver, Colorado. Officials said they are the company that drilled a well in Horton Township. 

Bob Ging, the attorney representing the Brockway Municipal Authority, said local officials do not want to see another well in the watershed. 

Ging said well pad #6, which was drilled in February, created problems within the watershed. He added that the drilling of the well intercepted the aquifer that supplies water to a borough well. 

According to Ging, that aquifer forms the basis of water supply in the borough. 

Ging told 6 News that was not the only problem. 

He said that between February and April 2011, the turbidity in the aquifer increased a great deal. He also said that a sufficient amount of cement used to drill a hole into the aquifer was released into the aquifer. 

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Photo: Contribution to Shaw Public Library
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