Police Report: Lawrence Township

  • An incident of reckless driving occurred on the Clearfield Bypass and involved a commercial vehicle. Police were provided with a company name and are in the process of identifying the operator of the offending vehicle.
  • A domestic disturbance occurred at a Hyde residence Thursday afternoon. Responding officers determined that it was a verbal incident, and that no physical contact had occurred. The matter was resolved at the scene.
  • A traffic violation occurred in the area of Daisy Street Extension on Thursday and involved an all-terrain vehicle. Police made contact with the operator who was at the time on private property with the owner’s consent. Clarification was provided about lawful areas of operation and penalties.
  • Police are investigating a reported fight that occurred at the Clearfield High School. The investigation is ongoing at this time.
  • Police received a report about two people who were holding signs that read “need gas” at the entrance to the Sheetz store along state Route 879. They were creating traffic congestion and a safety hazard. Officers responded and the officers left the area.
  • Police received a call regarding a tenant who had broken a window to an apartment along Montgomery Run Road. The matter will be handled by the magistrate’s office.
  • Police were called about a missing juvenile male from a Mount Zion residence. The juvenile arrived home just shortly after the complaint was received.
  • Police responded to an alarm at a business along state Route 879 and Interstate 80.
  • Police responded to a report of a possible DUI at a business on SR 879.
Police Report: CBPD
Police Report: LTPD

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