Sandy Township Considers Water Line Extension for Hotel

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DUBOIS – Sandy Township authorized the township manager and engineer to negotiate concerning an extension of water and sewer lines for a planned hotel.

The planned Farfield Suites and Inn would be a hotel and restaurant near Interstate 80, exit 101, near the Unilec building.  Tom Delaney has been in contact with the township about running a waterline out to the site in order to finish the project.  Delaney is looking towards the township to pay for some of the costs of running the lines.

The water line would have an eight inch diameter.  Its total cost is estimated to be at $148,260.  The sewer line, which would require a lift station, is estimated to have a total cost of $238,020.  The share of this Delaney requested from the city is as follows:

  • For the water line 33percent of the project, or $48,926 as estimated by the township.  In addition to this, a portion of any tap fees from future developments that hook into the line, as permitted by law.  For the sewer, the requested amount is 50 percent.  The township estimated this to $119,010.  This would come to $167,936 total, but supervisors mentioned a cap of $175 thousand in case of over runs due to the request being for percentages instead of hard dollars.

According to Township Manager Dick Castonguay, Unilec would be tied into the lines as well.  They have been approached by DeLaney to help pay a share of the cost as well.  Factoring in Unilec in with Farfield would speed up the break even date for the township on costs.  Currently estimated at 10 years.  Castonguay noted that with water and sewer in place, the area would look more appetizing for future development.

If the water line were to be extended to service Treasure Lake in the future the diameter would be sufficient, according to Perry Bowser.

Sandy Township currently only uses 150 thousand gallons a day of its allowed 500 thousand through the City of DuBois.  The new waterline would not be a noticeable burden on the limit.

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