Police Report: LTPD (pt. 1)

  • Police received a report of a door that was smashed in at a local motel.
  • Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle.
  • Police are investigating a report of harassment involving a suspicious mailing received by a resident.
  • Police were called regarding a property dispute.
  • Police assisted a motorist stuck on McGeorge Road. The road was icy and the truck became stuck in an attempt to make a delivery.
  • Police assisted emergency medical services with a cardiac arrest call on Armor Street.
  • Police responded to a suspicious person on South Second Street. He was gone before officers arrived.
  • Police assisted the DuBois City Police Department with a possible DUI coming into the township from the DuBois area. Officers stopped the vehicle and determined the driver to be okay to drive.
  • Police responded to McDonald’s for a report of a disturbance.
  • Police are investigating a theft of personal property froma¬† residence on Friday.
  • Police received a report of property damage. It was determined to be civil in nature.
  • Police are investigating an incident of criminal trespass at a residence on Old Erie Pike. Anyone with information concerning a red truck seen at the residence is asked to call police.
  • Police served a bench warrant on a person wanted in Luzerne County who was in Hyde. He was taken to Clearfield County Jail to await transport.
  • Police received a report of harassment over Facebook.
  • Police received a report of harassment through the US Postal Service.
  • Police received a report of a woman at a local motel who was wanted by the Clearfield Borough Police Department. The person was reported to be drinking alcohol while on probation. Police were assisted by the CBPD and th ewoman was taken into custody.
Police Report: LTPD (pt. 2)
Police Report: LTPD

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