Finale of the Gant “Expert” Challenge

12/30-1/9 Games Jay Siegel Dave Glass Rusty McCracken Dustin Parks Chris Morelli
Iowa-Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Iowa
Houston-PSU PSU Houston PSU PSU Houston
MSU-Georgia Mich St. Mich St Michigan St. Michigan State Michigan State
Neb-S. Carolina S. Carolina S Carolina Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
Ohio St-Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida
Wisconsin-Oregon Wisconsin Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
Stanford-Okla. St. Ok St. Ok st Stanford Stanford Stanford
Michigan-Va Tech Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan
WVU-Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson
K St-Arkansas Kansas St. Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
SMU-Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt
Alabama-LSU Alabama Alabama LSU LSU LSU
Cowboys-Giants Giants Giants Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Last Week 7-3 7-3 7-3 6-4 5-5
Year-to-date 111-49 111-49 102-58 99-61 94-66


The Last Word

Jay: “Really love watching college bowl games because you never know what’s going to happen. Look at some of the games already! I picked the Big 10 to go 4-4, which is probably about right – but not sure I got the right 4-4. Illinois has no business in a bowl game (against another team with no business in a bowl game). I think Tom Bradley will have PSU ready as he fights for his job – which, chances are, he won’t get anyway. I really liked watching MSU and Wisconsin play each other, so I picked them both to win games; even though they are both underdogs. Interesting “love triangle” between OSU, Florida, and Urban Meyer! I never get Pitt right, but SMU doesn’t have much. Pitt players should be playing for their future with a new coach coming in (again). Only picked K State because of their coach and the better uniforms (doesn’t the team with the cooler unis always win?). I picked Alabama last time and was wrong, so I’ll stick with them because I still think they have a better coach. If I’m wrong I’ll give more credit to Les Miles than I thought.”

Dave: “Penn State won’t score enough points to hang with the explosive Houston offense, but otherwise the Big Ten should be very competitive. The Wisconsin-Oregon matchup is one I’m really looking forward to – the classic ‘power vs. speed’ duel. I’m taking Alabama because they were a poor kicker away from a win last time – I think they will score more TD’s this time around. As for the NFL play-in game Sunday night, I’ve learned to take Eli over Romo in pressure situations. It’s on Romo to prove me wrong – if they lose this game I look for big changes in Big D.”

Rusty: “I hope some of these games are better on the field than they seem on paper. I have the Big 10 finishing .500 in the bowl season. Penn State’s defense has its hands full, but Houston showed that they can be stopped – the PSU offense just has to prove they can score. Michigan may have the best match-up other than the National Championship – the strong running game prevails. I think Pitt will be very focused to show the nation they can stick together despite their coach bailing on them. The Championship game will be a great finish to the college season. LSU has all the pressure, but has had better tune-up games even though they were a month ago – Tigers win. The Cowboys will also complete their run to the playoffs despite starting the season at 3-4.”

Dustin: “Whew, lots of bowl games that are interesting for this year. Still holding true to my alma mater and going with Penn State to win over Houston, and I picked many Big Ten teams to win this year. I don’t think OSU will be able to overcome Florida, especially when it practically takes place in their back yard, and Oregon is too quick in my eyes to be contained by Wisconsin. But, I am picking the Wolverines (yes, you Nittany Lion faithful may hate me) to taste sweet victory in Cajun Country, and finally I’m going to go for LSU making it two wins over Alabama in one season. However, I don’t see that game going to a 9-6 final like the first game.”

Chris: “Quite an interesting bowl schedule. Now that Pitt is rid of Todd Graham, I like the Panthers to upend SMU. As for Penn State, it probably shouldn’t be playing in a bowl game. Considering that Rob Bolden will likely start at quarterback, I like the Cougars in an absolute rout of the Nittany Lions. All PSU fans better hope that Matt McGloin can play. If he does, they have a fighter’s chance.”

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