Gant “Expert” Challenge – Week 16

12/22-12/26 Games Jay Siegel Dave Glass Rusty McCracken Dustin Parks Chris Morelli
AZ. St-Boise St Boise St. Boise St. Arizona St Boise State Boise State
Missouri-UNC Missouri Missouri Missouri UNC Missouri
Rams-Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers
Raiders-Chiefs Chiefs Raiders Raiders Chiefs Chiefs
Cards-Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals Cardinals
Giants-Jets Giants Jets Jets Giants Jets
Chargers-Lions Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers
Eagles-Cowboys Eagles Cowboys Eagles Cowboys Cowboys
49ers-Seahawks Seahawks 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers
Falcons-Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints
Last Week 7-3 8-2 6-4 5-5 3-7
Year-to-date 104-46 104-46 95-55 93-57 89-61


The Last Word

Jay:  “Tough call on these NFL games with all of the playoff implications! The only one that I feel reasonably sure about is the Steeler game – no matter who’s QBing either team. Can’t argue with the Chargers December record over the years. I think the Cowboys and Jets pull the “choke-choke” in must-win games.”

Dave: “Steelers sealed their wild-card fate with that terrible loss Monday – time to sit Ben and heal him up for the playoffs. However, the unpleasant fact is that this Steeler team isn’t primed for a deep playoff run – the defense cannot make the big play, either on third down or via turnover, the offense cannot consistently run the ball, and both units take WAY too many penalties. The Eagles have a ‘playoff’ game this week – if they win they have a great chance to capture the division, but I think Romo will prove to be too much. Giants-Jets is a test to see which team can choke the most – neither of those teams is going anywhere in the playoffs.”

Rusty: “Boise St. will finally see a quality team and their schedule will prove their downfall. The Steelers behind (I would hope) Charlie Batch will prove too much for the Rams.  The Bengals will continue to win to please fans and showcase the strongest division in the NFL.  The Chargers and the Eagles, with more to lose, will capture wins in possibly the best match-ups of the weekend.”

Dustin: “All I know is Monday night, there were many questionable penalties called on Pittsburgh. Guess the NFL isn’t a fan of black and gold, but I’m not gonna put blame on them.  Four turnovers are inexcusable, and obviously the better team won on Monday night.  The Rams will be an interesting game, because if St. Louis pulls off the upset, the AFC playoff picture is gonna still be up in the air for the seeding.  Then again, I hope they win and the Ravens go down once more.”

Chris: “Everyone criticizing Steelers coach Mike Tomlin for playing Ben Roethlisberger needs to stop. Have you watched Charlie Batch? Do you really think he could’ve beaten the 49ers? Big Ben will play again this week. If he can walk, he’ll be out there. That being said, I like the Steelers on Christmas Eve to get back on track. In other games, look for the Chargers to make a postseason push. If they get in to the tournament, they’ll be a very dangerous team.”

Bison Cagers Pick Up Second Win
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