Corbett Signs 13 Bills Into Law

HARRISBURG – Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law the following bills:

House Bill 210 – This bill amends the Act of Dec. 19, 1990 (P.L.1234, No. 204), known as the Family Caregiver Support Act.  It changes the name of the Act to the Pennsylvania Caregiver Support Act, addresses approved out-of-pocket expenses incurred by caregivers, allows reimbursement of non-relative caregivers and adult family members, and makes other changes.

House Bill 242 – This bill amends the Act of April 12, 1951 (P.L.90, No. 21), known as The Liquor Code, to expand Sunday sales hours for alcoholic beverages, addresses “happy hour” sales and makes other changes.

House Bill 639 – This bill amends Title 53 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes to allow the City of Philadelphia to adjust its affordable housing program fee for recording deeds, mortgages and other related documents.

House Bill 715 – This bill amends the Act of May 25, 1945 (P.L. 1050, No. 394), known as the Local Tax Collection Law, to change certain definitions, provide for vacancies in tax collectors’ offices and agreements between municipalities and counties, and makes other changes.

House Bill 755 – This bill amends the act of Aug. 9, 1955 (P.L.323, No.130), known as the County Code to increase the annual meeting and dues expenses allowed for county directors of veterans’ affairs, in counties of the third through eighth class, from the current maximum of $100 to a maximum of $400.

House Bill 1337 – This bill returns a 3.8-mile section of Old Possessions Road in Ward Township, Tioga County, from the commonwealth to Ward Township, Tioga County, provided that certain conditions are first satisfied.

House Bill 1792 – This bill designates a portion of State Route 642, beginning at the intersection of State Route 642 and State Route 54 and proceeding west to the border of Northumberland and Union counties, as the U.S. Army Specialist Zachariah W. Long Highway.

Senate Bill 242 – This bill designates the bridge that carries State Route 601 over Barclay Run in Somerset Borough, Somerset County, as the Trooper Stephen R. Gyurke Memorial Bridge.

Senate Bill 366 – This bill amends the Act of Dec. 22, 1983 (P.L. 306, No. 84), known as the Board of Vehicles Act, to address “mobility vehicles,” change definitions, provide for representation on the State Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, and makes other changes.

Senate Bill 638 – This bill amends the act of June 13, 1967 (P.L.31, No.21), known as the Public Welfare Code, to limit the costs for providing transportation for individuals receiving methadone treatment by a licensed provider, pursuant to a narcotic treatment program, provides for an exceptions process and makes other changes.

Senate Bill 732 – This bill, effective in 180 days, amends the act of July 19, 1979 (P.L. 130, No. 48), known as the Health Care Facilities Act. It will require the Department of Health to regulate abortion facilities in the same manner as ambulatory surgical facilities, require the department to perform at least one unannounced inspection of each abortion facility annually, modify the definition of “abortion facility,” and makes other changes.

Senate Bill 957 – This bill amends the Act of Oct. 5, 1978 (P.L. 1109, No. 261), known as the Osteopathic Practice Act, to provide for the licensure of athletic trainers, change the term used to describe athletic trainers from “certified athletic trainer” to “licensed athletic trainer,” provide definitions and makes other changes.

Senate Bill 967 – A companion bill to SB 957 (see above), this bill amends the Act of Oct. 20, 1985 (P.L. 457, No. 112), known as the Medical Practice Act, and further provides for the licensing and oversight of “licensed athletic trainers.”

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