Borough Considers Second Street Truck Traffic

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CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough Council discussed a South Second street truck issue on Thursday night.

The issued was initially brought up at last week’s council committees meetings. On Thursday, Dr. Ralph Cardamone of Cardiac Diagnostics, was present to present the problems he’s having with truck traffic in the alleyway next to his office.

Cardamone stated that his office has been hit multiple times by 18-wheelers making the right turn into the alleyway.

“Obviously, I don’t want my building hit,” said Cardamone. He said he’s also concerned for his staff and the general public.

“There’s potential for serious harm.”

Cardamone questioned whether an 18-wheeler could properly make the turn into the alleyway.

Also present to address council was Bob Grimminger of Bob’s Army & Navy.

“I understand the problem,” said Grimminger. “I sympathize.”

Grimminger said his business gets two to three truck deliveries in the alleyway. He indicated that most of the drivers can properly navigate the alleyway, while others do not.

Along with his business, Audio Video Discounters also receieves deliveries from the alleyway. There was some discussion as to whether the two companies could have their trucks unload from Third Street. Grimminger said it would be ludicrous from them to have their freight brought in from a block away. It was also indicated that deliveries made from Market Street are problematic for traffic.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said engineer Todd Banks provided a turning template that it was possible for the big trucks with trailers to make the turn from the right lane if they make the turn correctly.

She said that Banks had talked about reducing the curb on the Verizon side of the alley and placing bullards near Cardamone’s building. She stated that the new sidewalk entry would need to be made ADA accessible.

Council member Jim Kling stated that it was a no-brainer and that council should just do it. Stott took into consideration the ADA accessibility ramps and said she was unsure if it could be done at this point in time due to the weather. Kling stated they did not have to do the ramps now, but stated he was aware they had to do it at some point anyway.

Council held off on taking any action until all parties involved could be spoken with.

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