Punxsutawney State Police are Investigating Two Propulsion of Missiles Cases

PUNXSUTAWNEY – The Punxsutawney-based state police are currently investigating two, different incidences of propulsion of missiles during which an individual threw objects from state Route 4001, a roadway overtop of Interstate 80, and struck vehicles traveling on I-80.

According to the report, both incidences occurred at an overpass in Rose Township, Jefferson County. The first incident involved a brick being tossed through a window of a passing vehicle, while the second involved a full beverage bottle being thrown through a vehicle window.

The state police have implemented procedures to stop this activity immediately and are currently developing information related to this case. They would like to emphasize the seriousness of these types of incidences.

“When objects are thrown at vehicles that are traveling at high rates of speed, such as on I-80, the potential is there for severe crashes that are likely to lead to serious and even fatal injuries,” state police said.

Investigators are asking motorists to exercise caution when traveling in these areas. If any residents or people who frequent this area have observed anything that’s believed to be related to this incident, they’re asked to please contact the DuBois-based state police at 814-371-4652.

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